Interview Tips

Let’s talk about the interview process and some general pointers for being a polished candidate! (and hopefully new-hire!)

Our company has placed hundreds of sales reps with medical device companies such as CR Bard, Stryker, Smith & Nephew, Intuitive Surgical, Alcon Labs, Tactile Medical, EndoChoice, Smiths Medical and pharmaceutical companies such as Allergan, Alexion, Galderma, Takeda...

If you are interviewing and taking time off your current job, then you are serious about your next long-term career role. With that said, please arrive early to the interview. It is a good idea to be cleanly shaven, or have facial hair groomed neatly, with a freshly starched shirt or blouse and dress shoes or dress heels! Wear a FULL SUIT (and tie for males). You want to look the part for the role that you want. You want to be considered based on your work history and eagerness, and not knocked-out due to your appearance. Being healthy, vibrant and alive and eager will help get the job done!

When you arrive, bring MULTIPLE COPIES of your bragbook and resume. If you do not have a bragbook, please create one ASAP. It may be a couple pages, or for the tenured candidate a large binder full of accolades, performance %’s, rankings and recommendations. This will separate you from other candidates and also help you show off your sales expertise. Please have your references as well.

Be prepared to eliminate bumbling words like “uh”, “ummmm”, “you know”, and general non-content. Be sure you know your resume inside and out, research the company history and some competitors and talk about your formal sales training and your type of sales style.

Make sure you appear VERY interested! Smile, lean forward, do not cross your arms and create an open-dialogue. Be thorough, but also concise in your answers.

Research the company, the interviewer, and utilize social media such as LinkedIn, Google Plus, and other sites to research. Be sure to say NOTHING negative, and ask for the manager’s business card at the end of the interview. ‘

When there comes a time for questions for the hiring manager, ask questions about the territory, goals for the company, etc. This part is particularly important, because it is an opportunity to sell yourself and assure them that you’ve accomplished your goals and will be a positive asset to their team! This is a great way to spin what is supposed to be just a simple Q&A! For example, “what are the quota requirements for this particular territory? In my currently role I have always hit the goal of being well over plan, and can assure you that this will be the case here!”

At the end is the ever-important CLOSE! During this, you need to ask if the interviewer has any further questions about your background or experience. Answer any hesitations that they may have. After this, ask what the next step in the interviews process is. Be sure to state their name, and ask to meet them, and a time that works for them. If you do not ask, you will not receive! After the interview, do not forget to send a thank-you email!